Our researches are focused over the development of principle new technology for remote (long range) location of metals, minerals and other objects.

We use our own discoveries in the field of gravity - the Gravitational location and the Gravitational resonance (Georesonance)..

By now we have prototypes of gravity locators.

For the last few years we make tests and development of our method and technology.

We are working to raise the sensibility and precision, and also to automatization of the process.

In the future we will present X-distance (x is the horizontal distance), geophysics and other researches.

For the first time in the world we present X-distance location and identification of metals and metalbearing minerals that are beneath the earth surface (up to 150 m depth acceptable).

The advantages of our method are:

  • Location and peleng of objects from a distance (up to 10 km away horizontally).
  • Tracing of the ledges and defining the richest sections up to 10 times faster than the conventional methods.
  • Identification of the main sections of the ledges (non destructive).
  • Applicable for location and identification of the precious metals and the rare-earth elements.
  • Cheap research.