Soon we are going to publish two new articles.

Those who are interested in energy will read what happens with it in time-space. In the article "ENERGY TRANSFORMATION" we write a new interpretation of famous physics facts in the light of energy theory.

We correlate the relict (quantum) background to NQM and conclude that the fundamental forces are not in absolute balance. It proves that the absolute entropy has superiority over the absolute gravity. As a result there is a reduction of the concentration of energy of each quantum in its motion in space-time.

That is why we see the cold relict radiation that has longer wave-length than the primary. It seems that not only the universe widens but and the quantum themselves. The result is that the absolute entropy determinates the development of the cosmos.

For those who are interested in the development of the mind is the article "MENTAL MATRIXES".

Based on the informational (sensory) and performental (motorial) channels of the human we take the mind as part of the system mind-reality. We clear up the sensograms, direct and indirect, closed and unclosed feedback in the system. Then we analyze the forming of the secondary notions - mental matrixes.

We include the Real Informational Spectra (RIS) and explain how the notion of quality and quantity are formed. We explore the matrixes that are sensory formed (that are formed over the base of experience) and the mental matrixes that are abstractly formed (based on the comprehended mental matrixes) and analyze the sensory-abstract and abstract-sensory cycles.

Then we explore the balance and the unbalance of the sensory-abstract and abstract-sensory cycles and their results. We include virtual mental matrixes, as a result of mental interpolation and mental extrapolation, which let closing of the open feedback in the system mind-reality. We also discuss the danger of apprehending unrealistic mental matrixes.

As a conclusion we say that the human is acquainting of the reality, developing his mind and fulfilling in the reality by constant development of own mind and of pro-sensory and pro-motorial apparatus, and that way the feedback in the system mind-reality becomes more indirect. By developing the mind the human overcome the real limit of own sensory and motorial apparatus and own mind limitation.

After you comprehend that new idea of the mental matrixes you will understand their real power.