SPHERE laboratory performs and applied projects in psychology, although our theoretical researches.

We develop applied models and methods for common and special cases using the base of informational exchange and its regularities. Our research consists not only in forming and transformation of the notions but in their prognostication too.

Some will say that the science proves this is impossible. We know that many scientists work very hard for that direction of the research. It shows up that if we put in the base of our models the informational exchange and the objects are treated like informational structures the indetermination is reduced.

Information is something definite, so are the models. Of course the results are determined too. Although in that scientific field one plus one is not two it is possible to prognosing the mental processes either of a separate person or of a whole group.

Although mechanical prognoses are impossible, the prognosis is already real, and its methods are based over the informational exchange. Their results become more accurate and are more precise than the weather forecasts.