3gpp Aage Niels Bohr Aal Aal2 Aal5 Abdus Salam Aberration Ablation Abram Abs Brake Absolute Absolute And Relativity Absorb Absorbed Dose Absorption Absorption Band Absorption Coefficient Absorption Line Accelerate Accelerated Atomic Particles Accelerated Motion Acceleration Acceleration Due To Gravity Acceptor Acch Achromatic Achromatic Lens Acir Aclinic Aclr Acoumeter Acoustics Acoustooptics Acpr Acre Across Variable Acs Actinometer Active Front Adaptive Optics Adiabatic Admittance Adpll Advection Fog Aeon Aeroelasticity Aeromechanics Aerothermodynamics After Afternoon Age Age Of Enlightenment Age-Old Ago Ah Air Air Drainage Air Mass Classification Air Parcel Airmass Airmass Source Region Akst Albedo Albert Abraham Michelson Albert Einstein Aleksandr Prokhorov Alexei Alexeevich Abrikosov Alfred Kastler Alfven Wave Alice Blue All At Once All The Time All-Day All-Night All-Nighter Allotropic Forms Of Hydrogen Almond Alpha Emission Alpha Emitter Alternator Altocumulus Altostratus Alu Always Amaranthine Amber American Astronomical Society American Institute Of Physics American Physical Society Amethyst Amethystine Amorphous Amp Ampere Ampere-Hour Amplification Amplifier Amplitude Amps Anabatic Wind Analytic Mechanics Ancient Angle Of Incidence Angstrom Angular Acceleration Angular Velocity Animal Sounds Anisoplanatism Anisotropic Anisotropy Energy Annihilation Annual Annually Antebellum Antediluvian Anthony James Leggett Anti-Beauty Quark Antibonding Antibonding Orbital Anti-Bottom Quark Anti-Charm Quark Anticoincidence Anticommutativity Anti-Down Quark Antielectron Antiferromagnetic Antiferromagnetism Antihydrogen Antilock Brake Antimagnetic Antimatter Antinode Antiparticle Antiproton Antiquark Antique Brass Antique White Antiresonance Anti-Strange Quark Antitauon Anti-Top Quark Anti-Truth Anti-Truth Quark Anti-Up Quark Antoine Henri Becquerel Antony Hewish Anyon Aperture Aperture Synthesis Technique Apochromatic Apostilb Apple-Green Appleton Layer Apricot Aqua Aquamarine Arctic Front Arf Argent Arno Allan Penzias Around The Clock Arthur Holly Compton Arthur Leonard Schawlow As Of Late Asap Astigmatism Astronomical Unit Astrophysics Asymptotic Freedom At This Point In Time Atm Atom Atomic Battery Atomic Clocks Atomic Force Microscope Atomic Nuclei Atomic Nucleus Atomic Orbital Atomic Pile Atomic Theory Attenuate Attenuation Attophysics Aubergine Auburn Automatic Valves Available Energy Avocado Avoirdupois Axion Azeotrope Azure Azured Baby Blue Back In The Day Ballistics Banana Band Band Spectrum Bandgap Bankers' Hours Baron Rayleigh Barycentre Baryon Baryonic Matter Battleship Grey Bay Bb Bcs-Theory Beamer Beauty Quark Becquerel Before Beige Ben Roy Mottelson Berlin Green Bermuda Green Bertram Neville Brockhouse Beryl Beta Beta Decay Beta Particle Betatron Betavoltaic Effect Bev Bias Bice Blue Bice Green Bifocal Big Bang Binding Energy Bioelectronics Biotelemetry Birefringence Biscuit Bisque Black Black Body Blackbody Form And Anisotropy Blacks Blae Blanched Almond Blivet Blond Blonde Blood Red Blue Blue Green Blue Violet Blueberry Blue-Green Blues Blush Board-Foot Bohr Magneton Boiling Point Bombard Bond Bond Dissociation Energy Bond Energy Bone Bose-Einstein Condensate Bose-Einstein Condensation Boson Bottle Green Bottom Quark Bottomonium Bound Neutrons Bound State Boyle's Law Bra Bragg Scattering Bragg's Law Brass Brewster Brian David Josephson Brick Red Bridge Brief Amounts Of Time British Summer Time British Thermal Unit Bronze Bronze Age Bronze Yellow Broon Brown Browns Btu Bubble Chamber Bubble Chamber And Data Analysis Buckskin Buff Buoyancy Burgundy Burlywood Burnt Orange Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Burton Richter Bushel Butterscotch Cacophony Cadet Blue Calendar Calorie Calorimeter Calorimetry Cambridge Blue Canadian Geophysical Union Canary Candela Canonical Hours Cant Capacitance Caramel Carat Carbon Burning Carbon-Date Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen Cycle Cardinal Carl David Anderson Carl Edwin Wieman Carlo Rubbia Carmine Carnation Carroty Cash Register Cat State Cathode Rays Cathodic Cat's Whisker Cd Cdma Cdt Cease Ceaselessly Cecil Frank Powell Celadon Centenary Centennial Central Standard Time Centre Of Inertia Centre Of Mass Centrifugal Force Centripetal Force Centroid Century Cerenkov Effect Cerise Cerulean Cgs Chain Chain Reaction Chamois Champagne Chandrasekhar Limit Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman Charcoal Charge Density Charged Particle Charles Edouard Guillaume Charles Glover Barkla Charles Hard Townes Charles Thomson Rees Wilson Charles's Law Charm Charm Quark Charmonium Chartreuse Chemical Elements In The Universe Chemical Physics Chemical Shift Chen Ning Yang Cherenkov-Vavilov Effect Cherry Cherry Red Chestnut Chinese Red Chipset Chocolate Chromatic Aberration Chrono- Chronologic Chronological Chronologically Chronologise Chronology Chronometer Chronon Chronos Cinereous Cinnabar Cinnamon Circuit Board Circular Dichroism Circularly Polarized Light Cirrocumulus Cirrostratus Citrine Citron Clair De Lune Claret Classical Mechanics Classical Physics Classification Of Elementary Particles And Their Interactions Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Clifford Glenwood Shull Clinton Joseph Davisson Clipper Clock Clock Paradox Clockwork Cloud Chamber Clove Cmfb Coal Black Cobalt Blue Cocoa Coefficient Of Friction Coffee Coherence Coherent Cohesion Cohesive Energy Coincidence Method Cold Fusion Collective Motion And Particle Motion Collector Collimator Collisionless Color Charge Colors Colors Of The Rainbow Comatic Combinational Circuit Combined Gas Law Commutativity Complement Composite Particle Compression Wave Compton Effect Compton Scattering Comstock Prize In Physics Condensed Matter Condenser Conductance Conduction Conduction Band Conduction Of Electricity By Gases Conductivity Confocal Conformal Optics Conservation Of Energy Conservative Contemporaneous Contemporaneously Contemporary Continual Continually Continuous Convection Convex Lens Cool Gray Cooper Pair Copenhagen Blue Copper Coral Cord Cordic Coriolis Force Cornflower Cornflower Blue Cornsilk Correlation Energy Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Cosmic Radiation Cosmic X-Ray Sources Cosmological Constant Cotton Effect Coulomb Coulomb Attraction Coulomb Barrier Coulomb Blockade Coulomb Collision Coulomb Energy Coulomb Explosion Coulomb Force Coulomb Gauge Coulomb Repulsion Coulomb's Constant Coulomb's Law Coulometer Coulometry Countdown Couple Coupling Cpt Symmetry Cp-Violation Cqi Cream Creation Of Quantum Mechanics Crimson Crith Critical Mass Critical Opalescence Critical Point Criticality Cross Section Crosstalk Cryotron Crystal Structure Crystallization Crystallize Cst Cumec Cup Cupreous Curie's Law Current Currently Cyan Cycle Cycle Per Second Cyclic Daffodil Daily Daisy Chain Dalton's Law Damask Damped Damson Dandelion Daniel Chee Tsui Dannie Heineman Prize For Astrophysics Dannie Heineman Prize For Mathematical Physics David J. Gross David Morris Lee Dawn Day Day After Tomorrow Day Before Yesterday Daybreak Daylight Saving Time Daylight Savings Time Daytime Dch Dds De Broglie Hypothesis De Broglie Wavelength Deadline Debye Decade Decay Of Neutral K-Mesons Decelerate Decibel Decimetre Decoherence Decoherent Deep Inelastic Scattering Deexcite Deformation Energy Degree Degree Celsius Degree Of Freedom Delphinium Delta Particle Dennis Gabor Descartes Law Dessertspoon Detection Of Cosmic Neutrinos Deuteron Development Of High-Resolution Electron Spectroscopy Development Of Laser Spectroscopy Development Of Wireless Telegraphy Diabatic Diamagnetic Diamagnetism Diaphragm Diathermy Dichroism Dichronism Dielectric Dielectric Absorption Differential Thermal Analysis Diffraction Grating Diffraction Of Electrons By Crystals Diffraction Of X-Rays By Crystals Diffraction Pattern Diffusion Diffusivity Digital Still Camera Dilatancy Dilatant Dimension Dimensional Analysis Diopter Diplopia Dipolar Dipole Dirac Medal Of The Ictp Dirac Prize Discharge Discoveries And Research Discoveries Regarding Mesons Discovery Discovery And Development Discovery Of A Large Number Of Resonance States Discovery Of Argon In Connection Discovery Of Energy Quanta Discovery Of Pulsars Discriminator Disintegration Energy Displacement Dissipation Function Dissociation Energy Diurnal Dl Dll Donald Arthur Glaser Doomsday Dope Doppler Effect Doppler Effect In Canal Rays Double Vision Doublet Structure Of The Leptons Doubly Magic Douglas Dean Osheroff Dove Grey Down Antiquark Down Quark Dozen Dpcch Dpch Dpdch Dpll Dprfp Drachm Dram Drizzle Dst Duality Duck-Egg Blue Ductility Dun During Dusk Dusty Plasma Dynamic Headroom Dyne E=Mcc Earlier Earliest Early Eastern Standard Time Eau De Nil Ebit Ebony Ec Echo Ecl Ecru Eddy Current Eddy Kinetic Energy Edt Edward Mills Purcell Edward Victor Appleton Eev Effective Energy Eggshell Eggshell Blue Eigenfunction Eigenmode Eigenstate Eigenvector Eightfold Way Elapse Elastance Elastic Energy Elastic Limit Elasticity Electret Electric Charge Electric Current Electric Dipole Electric Energy Electric Fields Electrical Resistance Electric-Blue Electricity Electrodynamics Electroluminescence Electroluminescent Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Energy Electromagnetic Force Electromagnetic Interaction Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic Wave Electromagnetism Electromotive Electromotive Force Electron Electron Density Electron Microscope Electron Neutrino Electron Optics Electron Scattering Electron Spin Resonance Electron Tube Electron Volt Electron Wave Function Electronic Electronic Structure Electronics Electrons On Protons Electrooptics Electroscope Electrostatic Electrostatic Energy Electrostatics Electroweak Interactions Elementary Elementary Charge Elementary Particle Physics Elementary Particles Ell Emerald Emerald Green Emf Emilio Gino Segre End Times Endoergic Energy Energy Level Energy Production In Stars Energy Transformation Enrich Enrico Fermi Entangled Enthalphy Of Vaporization Enthalpy Entropic Doom Envelope Eon Ephemeral Epic Epoch Equation Of State For Gases And Liquids Equilibrium Equilibrium Vapor Pressure Equivalence Principle Era Eric Allin Cornell Ernest Orlando Lawrence Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton Ernst Ruska Erwin Schrodinger Eschaton Esperanto Colours Est Esu Etendue Eternal Eternally Eugene Paul Wigner Eve Evening Event Eventual Eventually Every So Often Evm Exceptional Space Excitation Energy Excitation Function Excited Excited State Exclusion Principle Exoergic Exoergicity Exotic Atom Exotic Baryon Experimental Discoveries Extraordinary Services Extremely High Pressures Farad Faraday Father Time Fathom Fawn Fdr Feet Felix Bloch Fem Female Fermi Energy Fermion Ferrimagnetic Ferrimagnetism Ferroelectric Ferrofluid Ferromagnetic Ferromagnetism Feynman Diagram Field Field Emission Field Emission Microscope Field Emission Microscopy Field Of Force Field Of Quantum Electronics Field Of View Field Particles W And Z Fine Structure Of The Hydrogen Spectrum Fine-Structure Constant Fire Brick Firkin Fissile Fission Five To Flame Flamingo Flavescent Flavor Flaxen Flesh Floral White Flow Battery Fluid Dynamics Fluid Mechanics Fluoresce Fluorescence Flux Flux Density Foh Foot Foot-Pound Force Force Field Forest Green Forever Formant Fortnight Foucault Current Four-Dimensional Fractional Crystallization Frame Dragging Frame Of Reference Frank Wilczek Frankfurt Am Main Fraunhofer Line Frederick Reines Free Energy Free Radical Free Space Freefall Free-Fall Frequency Frequent Frequently Friction Fringing Frits (Frederik) Zernike From Time To Time Fuchsia Fulcrum Fundamental Constant Fundamental Force Fundamental Forces Fundamental Interaction Fundamental Particle Fundamental Research In Quantum Mechanics Fundamental Symmetry Principles Fundamental Work Fuscous Fusion Future Gabriel Lippmann Gainsboro Gallon Galvanometer Gamboge Gamma Radiation Garnet Gas Accumulators In Lighthouses Gas Constant Gas Mechanics Gaseous Phase Gauge Boson Gauss Gee General Relativity Gentian Blue Geodetic Effect Geologic Era Geologic Timescale Geophysicist Geophysics George F. Smoot George Paget Thomson Georges Charpak Geranium Gerardus 'T Hooft Gerd Binnig German Chemical Society German Physical Society Gestation Period Gev Gibbs Free Energy Gigameter Ginger Glass Glass Electrode Glaucous Gloaming Glossary Of Classical Physics Gluon Gmt Gold Golden Age Goldenrod Gradient Gram Grand Unification Theory Grape Grass-Green Gravimeter Gravitation Gravitational Field Gravitational Force Gravitational Interaction Gravitational Radiation Gravitational Redshift Gravitational Wave Gravitomagnetic Gravitomagnetism Graviton Gravity Meter Gray Graybody Green Greens Greenwich Mean Time Grey Greys Grizzle Gross Ground State Group Velocity Gsm Guglielmo Marconi Gules Gunmetal-Grey Gustav Ludwig Hertz Gyrator Gyromagnetic Effect Gyromagnetic Ratio Gyrotron H. David Politzer Hadron Hadronic Hadronic Atom Half Time Half-Life Half-Metal Half-Metallic Hall Effect Hannes Olof Gosta Alfven Hans Albrecht Bethe Hans Georg Dehmelt Hardwired Harmonics Hawking Hazel Hclk Headroom Hearing Heat Heat Capacity Heat Death Heat Death Of The Universe Heather Heavy Elementary Particle Hectare Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes Heinrich Rohrer Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Helimagnetism Helion Heliotrope Helium Burning Helium Fusion Helmholtz Coil Helmholtz Free Energy Helmholtz Function Hendrik Antoon Lorentz Henna Henri Becquerel Henry Henry Draper Medal - Astrophysics Henry Way Kendall Hepatic Heraldic Tincture Herbert Kroemer Heretofore Hertz Hertzian Resonances In Atoms Heterogeneous Heteronuclear Hidden Variable Hideki Yukawa Higgs Boson High Pressure Physics High-Energy High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Historic Historically History Hitherto Hl Hoar Hoarseness Hogshead Hohlraum Hole Hole State Holographic Method Holography Honey Hooke's Law Horsepower Horst Ludwig Stormer Hour Hourglass Hourly Hscsd Hsdpa Hs-Dsch Hs-Pdsch Hs-Scch Hsupa Hughes Medal - Electricity Huygens' Principle Hybrid Orbital Hybrid Wave Function Hybridize Hydrodynamics Hydrogen Burning Hydrogen Electrode Hydrogen Line Hydrogen Maser Hydrogen Spectral Series Hydrogen Spectrum Hydromechanics Hydrometry Hydrophilic Hydrophobic Hydrostatics Hygroscopic Hypercharge Hyperfine Structure Hyperlens Hypernucleus Hyperon Ice Age Ideal Gas Ideal Gas Law Ides Of March Igor Yevgenyevich Tamm Il'ia Frank Immiscible Immittance Impedance Impending Imponderable Impulse Impulsive In A Minute In Two Shakes Of A Lamb's Tail Inactive Incandescence Inch Incidence Inclined Plane Indefinitely Indeterminacy Principle Indian Red Inductance Induction Inductive Inductor Inertia Inertial Frame Of Reference Inertial Space Inexact Infacility Influence Of Magnetism Infrared Radiation Infrasound Insolation Instability Instant Instantaneous Instantaneously Instantly Instanton Institute Of Physics Integrated Circuit Intensity Interfacial Energy Interference Interferometer Interferometry Intermediate Vector Boson Interminable Intermolecular Intermolecular Force Internal Energy International System Of Units Intracule Intramolecular Invention And Development Of The Cyclotron Inventions And Discoveries Inverse-Square Law Investigation Of The Structure Of Atoms Investigations Of The Densities Investigations On The Properties Of Matter Io Ion Ion Selective Electrode Ion Trap Technique Ionization Ionization Energy Ionize Ionizing Radiation Ion-Selective Electrode Ion-Selective Membrane Iron Age Irrefrangible Isentropic Isentropic Flow Isf Isidor Isaac Rabi Isobar Isobaric Isochore Isochromatic Isoelectric Point Isomer Isometric Isopycnic Isothermic Isotone Isotope Isotope Shift Isotopic Isotropic I-Spin Ivar Giaever J Particle J. Hans D. Jensen J. Tuzo Wilson Medal J/Psi Particle Jack St. Clair Kilby Jack Steinberger Jack-Knife Jahn-Teller Effect James Chadwick James Franck James Watson Cronin Jean Baptiste Perrin Jerk Jerome Isaac Friedman Johannes Diderik Van Der Waals Johannes Georg Bednorz Johannes Stark John Bardeen John C. Mather John Douglas Cockcroft John Hasbrouck Van Vleck John L. Hall John Robert Schrieffer John Wheatley Award John William Strutt Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr. Joseph John Thomson Josephson Effect Josephson Junction Joule Joule's Law Jounce Julian Schwinger Junction Detector Junction Diode Junction Transistor Kai Manne Borje Siegbahn Kaon Kapitza Resistance Karl Alexander Muller Karl Ferdinand Braun Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn Katal Kelvin Kelvin Bridge Kendal Green Kenneth G. Wilson Kerma Kerr Effect Ket Kev Kg Kilderkin Kilocalorie Kilocalorie Kilogram Kilogram-Meter Kilometer Kilometre Kilowatt-Hour Kinematics Kinetic Kinetic Energy Kinetics Kip Kirchhoff's Circuit Laws Kirchhoff's Current Law Kirchhoff's Voltage Law Kl Klaus Von Klitzing Klick Klystron Knot Koinomatter Lab On A Chip Lamb Shift Lambert Laminar Flow Langevin Function Lanthanide Contraction Laplace Operator Larmor Precession Laser Cooling Laser-Based Precision Spectroscopy Laser-Plasma Accelerator Latent Heat Lattice Energy Laws Governing The Radiation Of Heat Lawson Criterion Lcao Ldo Lenz's Law Leo Esaki Leo James Rainwater Leon Max Lederman Leon Neil Cooper Lepton Lepton Physics Lev Davidovich Landau Lever Libeb Process Light Light Cone Light Panel Light Spectrum Light-Emitting Diode Light-Scattering Photometry Linac Lincoln Green Line Of Force Linewidth Liquid Crystal Liquid Crystals And Polymers Liquid Helium Liquid Phase Liquid Scintillation Liquidus Lithium-Drifted Silicon Detector Litre Lna Lo London Moment Lorentz Factor Lorentz Force Lorentz Group Lorentz Medal Lorentz Symmetry Lorentz Transformation Louis Eugene Felix Neel Low-Temperature Physics Luis Walter Alvarez Lumen Luminescence Luminous Energy Luminous Intensity Lux Lyotropic Mach Mach Number Mach's Principle Macrophysics Madelung Constant Magic Number Magnetic And Disordered Systems Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Energy Magnetic Field Magnetic Flux Magnetic Lens Magnetic Moment Magnetic Moment Of The Electron Magnetic Monopole Magnetic Permeability Magnetic Polarity Magnetic Properties Magnetic Susceptibility Magnetic Thermometer Magnetism Magnetism Royal Society Magnetize Magnetocaloric Effect Magnetohydrodynamics Magneto-Hydrodynamics Magnetomechanics Magnetometer Magnetomotive Force Magneton Magnetooptics Magnetoresistance Magnetorheological Magnetosphere Magnetostriction Magnetron Magnon Male-To-Female Man-Month Man-Year Many-Worlds Interpretation Maria Goeppert-Mayer Martin Lewis Perl Martin Ryle Martinus J.G. Veltman Masatoshi Koshiba Maser Maser-Laser Principle Mass Mass Defect Mass Energy Mass Number Mass Spectrometry Matrix Isolation Matrix Mechanics Matter Matteucci Medal Max Born Max Planck Max Von Laue Mcleod Gauge Mdt Mean Free Path Mechanical Energy Mechanics Meissner Effect Melvin Schwartz Membrane Distillation Membrane Separation Mesolithic Meson Metamaterial Meter Method Of Reproducing Colours Photographically Metre Mev Michelson-Morley Experiment Microcausality Micromirror Micromolar Micron Microstate Microwave Radiation Microwave Spectroscopy Middle Ages Mile Milligram Milliliter Millilitre Millimolar Minute Miscible Ml Mobile Mode Moderator Modified Newtonian Dynamics Modulate Modulus Modulus Of Elasticity Molar Mole Molecular Dipole Molecular Orbital Molecular Ray Method Moment Moment Of Inertia Momentum Monochromated Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Monochromator Monopole Mos Mossbauer Effect Motion Mountain Standard Time Mst Mt M-Theory Multiwire Proportional Chamber Mu-Meson Muon Muon Neutrino Muonium Murray Gell-Mann Music Mutual Inductance Mutual Induction Myriagram Myriameter Nanocantilever Nanophotonics Nanospintronics National Academy Of Sciences Nautical Mile Navier-Stokes Equation Nco Near Infrared Negative Neolithic Neutral Neutral Current Neutrino Neutrino Beam Method Neutron Neutron Diffraction Neutron Interferometer Neutron Irradiation Neutron Optics Neutron Scattering Neutron Scattering Techniques Neutron Spectrometry Neutron Spectroscopy Nevill Francis Mott New Methods New Quantum Model New Type Of Pulsar Newton Newtonian Fluid Newtonian Mechanics Newton's First Law Newton's Second Law Newton's Third Law Nicolaas Bloembergen Nicolay Gennadiyevich Basov Niels Henrik David Bohr Nile Blue Nile Green Nils Gustaf Dalen Nobel Prize In Physics Noise Non-Baryonic Dark Matter Non-Newtonian Fluid Nonpermeable Nonpolar Nonquantum Mechanics Nonrelativistic Mechanics Nordtvedt Effect Normal Norman Foster Ramsey Ntids N-Type Nuclear Battery Nuclear Chemistry Nuclear Energy Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Magnetic Precision Measurements Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Nuclear Magneton Nuclear Physics Nuclear Processes Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Nuclear Reactions Of Importance Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactor Core Nuclear Response Function Nuclear Shell Structure Nuclear Spectrum Nucleation Nuclei Of Atoms Nucleosynthesis Nucleus Nuclide Nutation Occlusion Ohm Ohmmeter Ohm's Law Omer Onomatopoeia Opalescence Open Open System Ophthalmology Optic Optical Optical Flat Optical Frequency Comb Technique Optical Illusion Optical Methods Optical Rotatory Dispersion Optical Spectrum Optics Optoelectronics Optometry Oranges Orbit Orbital Symmetry Order Organic Electroluminescent Display Origin (Start) Ortho- Orthohelium Orthohydrogen Oscillate Oscillators And Amplifiers Osmotic Pressure Otto Hahn Prize Otto Stern Ounce Overpotential Overtone Overvoltage Owen Chamberlain Owen Willans Richardson Oxford Blue Oxygen Burning Pacific Standard Time Pairing Energy Paleolithic Parahelium Parahydrogen Paramagnetic Paramagnetism Parameter Parity Laws Partial Charge Particle Particle Detectors Particle Energy Particle Mechanics Particles Pascal Pascal's Law Paschen-Back Effect Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac Paul Dirac Medal And Prize Pauli Exclusion Principle Pauli Principle Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov Pcb Pd Pdt Peck Pellicle Penetrating Investigation Pentaquark Percy Williams Bridgman Period Doubling Permanence Permanent Magnet Permeability Permeance Permittivity Perturb Perturbation Petagram Pev Pfd Pga Ph Phase Contrast Method Phase Contrast Microscope Phase Diagram Phase Rule Phase Separation Phase Transition Phase Transitions Phase Velocity Phenomenon Of Interference Philip Warren Anderson Philipp Eduard Anton Von Lenard Phonetics Phonon Photo Echo Photoabsorption Photocathode Photodichroism Photodisintegration Photoelectret Photoelectric Effect Photoelectrolysis Photoelectromagnetic Photoelectromagnetic Effect Photoelectron Photoemission Photoexcited Photoferroelectric Photofission Photoionisation Photology Photoluminescence Photomagnetic Photomagnetoelectric Photometer Photometry Photomultiplier Photon Photoneutrino Photoneutron Photonuclear Photonuclear Reaction Photooxidation Photoproton Photoreduction Photorefractive Photovoltaic Cell Photovoltaic Effect Physical Chemistry Physics Physics Of Elementary Particles Pierre And Marie Curie Pierre-Gilles De Gennes Pieter Zeeman Pigments Pinch Effect Pint Pion Pioneering Studies Pionium Pirani Gauge Planck's Constant Plane Polarized Light Plasma Acceleration Plasma Accelerator Plasma Physics Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Plasmon Plasmonics Plastic Flow Plasticity Pleochroism Pll Plug Plus P-N Junction Poise Polarization Polarization And Discretization Polarized Light Polaron Pole Polychromatic Polyhedron Polykarp Kusch Polyphase Polysilicon Polytropic Pompeian Red Ponderable Positive Positron Potential Potential Energy Potential Well Potentiometer Pound Poundal Pound-Force Power Precession Precision Determination Precision Instruments Prediction Of The Existence Of Mesons Pressure Prince Louis-Victor Pierre Raymond De Broglie Principle Of Relativity Production Of Liquid Helium Propagation Properties Of A Supercurrent Propulsion Proton Protonium Prussian Blue Pseudoscope Psi Function Psig Pst P-Type Pulley Purples Pvt Pycnometer Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa Pyroelectricity Pyrolysis Pyrolytic Pyrometry Pyroscope Qcd Quadrature Quadrupole Quantization Quantize Quantized Electronic Structure Quantized Hall Effect Quantized Vortex Quantum Quantum Acoustics Quantum Anomaly Quantum Chemistry Quantum Chromodynamics Quantum Dot Quantum Electrodynamics Quantum Electronics Quantum Entanglement Quantum Fluid With Fractionally Charged Excitations Quantum Gravitation Quantum Gravity Quantum Hall Effect Quantum Leap Quantum Mechanics Quantum Number Quantum Solid Quantum State Quantum Structure Quantum Teleportation Quantum Theory Of Optical Coherence Quantum Well Quark Quark Model In Particle Physics Quark-Gluon Plasma Quarkonium Quarks Quart Quarter-Wave Plate Quasicrystal Quasistatic Quenching Radial Distribution Function Radian Radiation Radiation Biology Radiation Chemistry Radiation Damage Radiation Emanating Radiation Hardening Radiation Phenomena Radiation Pressure Radiative Recombination Radiator Radio Astrophysics Radio Energy Radio Wave Radioactive Decay Radioactive Tracer Radiocarbon Dating Radioisotope Radiometry Radion Radionuclide Radiophotoluminescence Radiothorium Raman Effect Raman Optical Activity Rankine Cycle Raymond Davis Jr Rays (Or X-Rays) Rbw Reactance Reactive Recombination Energy Rectifier Rectify Reds Redshift Reference Electrode Refraction Refractive Index Increment Refractometer Relative Atomic Mass Relativistic Relativistic Mass Relativistic Mechanics Relativity Relaxation Relay Reluctance Renaissance Renormalization Repeater Repulsion Repulsive Resistance Resistivity Resonance Resonance Absorption Resonance Energy Resonance Method Rest Rest Energy Rest Mass Retardance Reversible Reynolds Number Rf Rfid Rheological Riccardo Giacconi Richard Edward Taylor Richard Phillips Feynman Rigid Body Rigid Body Dynamics Ripple Ritz's Combination Principle Rms Robert Andrews Millikan Robert B. Laughlin Robert Coleman Richardson Robert Hofstadter Robert Woodrow Wilson Rod Rontgen Radiation Root Mean Square Velocity Rotational Energy Roy J. Glauber Royal Swedish Academy Of Sciences R-Process Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer Russell Alan Hulse Rydberg Atom Rydberg Constant Sakurai Prize Salt-Effect Distillation Sample Mass Samuel Chao Chung Ting Saturation Saturation Current Saturation Temperature Scalar Scale Invariance Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Scanning Tunneling Microscope Scatter Scattering Scattering Function Scattering Of Light Schottky Anomaly Schottky Barrier Schottky Diode Schrodinger Wave Function Schrodinger's Wave Equation Schuler Pendulum Scintillation Scintillation Counter Score Second Second Sound Secondary Emission Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Sedimentation Equilibrium Selection Rule Self-Conjugate Semiconductor Semiconductor Heterostructures Semiconductors Semiconductors And Superconductors Sensitivity Separated Oscillatory Fields Method Separation Energy Services In The Analysis Shadowgraph Shear Stress Shear Wave Sheldon Lee Glashow Shock Wave Si Units Side Siemens Sievert Silicon Burning Silicon Photonics Simon Van Der Meer Simple Machines Single-Molecule Magnet Singlet Oxygen Singularity Sin-Itiro Tomonaga Skin Effect Slow Neutrons Smd Smps Snell's Law Soc Solid Phase Solid Solution Solid State Physics Solidus Soliton Sonic Sonorous Sound Sound Energy Sound Wave Space Charge Space Permeability Space Quadrature Space Quantization Space Wave Spacelike Spacetime Space-Time Spallation Sparticle Special Relativity Specific Specific Charge Specific Energy Specific Gravity Specific Heat Specific Heat Capacity Speckle Spectral Line Spectrometry Spectrophotometer Spectroscopic And Meteorological Investigations Spectrum Spectrum Analyzer Speed Speed Of Sound Spin Spin Glass Spin Label Spin Wave Spin-Density Wave Spinor Spin-Spin Energy Spintronics Splitting Of Spectral Lines Spontaneous Radioactivity S-Process Sputter Square Square Inch Ssl Stage Standard Hydrogen Electrode Stark Effect State Of Matter Static Electricity Static Equilibrium Statics Statistical Interpretation Of The Wavefunction Statistical Mechanical Statistical Mechanics Statute Mile Steady State Steradian Stereogenic Steven Chu Steven Weinberg Stig Stilb Stoke Stone Age Stp Strain Energy Strange Strange Matter Strange Quark Strangelet Strangeness Streamline String Theory Strom Strong Equivalence Principle Strong Interaction Strong Nuclear Interaction Structure And Evolution Of The Stars Structure Of The Nucleons Study Of Gravitation Sublimate Sublimation Energy Sublime Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Subshell Subwavelength Superconductivity Superconductivity In Ceramic Materials Supercontinuum Supercritical Superfluid Superfluidity Superfluidity In Helium-3 Supergravity Supermassive Black Hole Supermultiplet Supersaturated Supersaturation Superstrate Superstring Supersymmetry Surface Plasmon Surface Tension Surroundings Susceptance Sverdrup Swampland Sweet Spot Synthesizer Syntonization Syntonize Syntony Tablespoon Tachyon Tau Lepton Tau Neutrino Tauon Tc Tdc Teaspoon Teaspoonful Tension Tensor Terminator Tesla Tev Theodor W. Hansch Theoretical And Experimental Investigations Theoretical Physics Theories For Condensed Matter Theory Of Everything Theory Of Nuclear Reactions Theory Of Relativity Theory Of Superconductors And Superfluids Thermal Energy Thermalize Thermalized Thermion Thermionic Phenomenon Thermoacoustics Thermochemistry Thermocouple Thermodynamic Thermodynamic Equilibrium Thermodynamic Temperature Thermodynamics Thermoelectricity Thermoluminescence Thermomagnetic Thought Experiment Thursday Thyristor Ti Tid Tidal Energy Tidal Force Tierce Tim Time Time Constant Time Dilatation Time Dilation Time Domain Time Machine Time Reversal Time Zones Time-Dependent Time-Independent Timelike Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Tld Toe Ton Top Quark Torr Trace Trajectory Transactinide Transducer Transduction Transformer Transient Transistor Effect Translate Translation Translational Translational Energy Transmission Medium Transmittance Transmittant Transmutation Transmutation Of Atomic Nuclei Transondent Trap Atoms With Laser Light Travelling Wave Travelling Wave Tube Traveltime Triboelectric Effect Tribology Triple Point Triplet Oxygen Triton Tru?Ng Truth Quark Tsung-Dao Lee Tumble Dryer Tunnel Barrier Tunnel Diode Tunneling Phenomena Turbulent Flow Turn Twb Tyndall Effect Tyrian Purple Ue Umts Unavailable Energy Uncharged Undamped Unified Weak And Electromagnetic Interaction Units Of Measure Units Of Time Universal Time Unpaired Electron Unstable Up Antiquark Up Quark Upper Atmosphere Upsilon Particle Vacuum Energy Vacuum Tube Val Logsdon Fitch Valence Band Van Der Graaff Generator Van Der Waals Force Vandyke Brown Vapor Pressure Vapour Density Vara Varactor Vco Vdl Vector Velocity Veselin Bojikov Veselin Bozhikov Vibration Vibrational Energy Victor Franz Hess Violations Of Fundamental Symmetry Principles Virial Theorem Viscometer Viscosity Visible Light Visible Spectrum Vision Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg Voice Volatile Volt Voltage Von Karman Vortex Street Vtid Vuo Vyo Wafer Wakefield Wall Energy Walter Houser Brattain Walther Bothe Water Power Water Vapor Pressure Watt Wave Wave Mechanics Wave Nature Of Electrons Wave Packet Wavefront Wavefunction Wave-Particle Duality W-Boson Weak Weak Interaction Weak Neutral Current Weak Nuclear Interaction Weakly Interacting Massive Particle Weber Wedge Wedgwood Blue Weight Werner Karl Heisenberg Wet Wheel Whistler Whites Wiggler Wigner Energy Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Wilhelm Wien William Alfred Fowler William Bradford Shockley William Daniel Phillips William Henry Bragg William Lawrence Bragg Willis Eugene Lamb Wilson Cloud Chamber Method Wimp Winchester Quart Windle Wino Wolf Foundation Wolf Prize In Physics Wolfgang Ketterle Wolfgang Paul Wolfgang Pauli Work Work Function Wormhole Xanthopsia X-Ray X-Ray Diffraction X-Ray Fluorescence X-Ray Spectroscopy Yard Yellows Young's Modulus Yukawa Potential Z-Boson Zeeman Effect Zeeman Energy Zener Diode Zero-Point Zero-Point Energy Zeta Zhores Ivanovich Alferov Zoh Zone Melting